Best Barriers and Boulders to Stop Cars From Running Over Your Front Yard

Joseph Gilpin
By Joseph Gilpin • Last Updated: June 28, 2022
Best Barriers and Boulders to Stop Cars From Running Over Your Front Yard

The newsletter is a great way to see the most burning questions of lawn care enthusiasts. I recently answered the question: “My Neighbor Damaged My Lawn. What Should I Do?

This sparked a discussion amongst readers on the best ways of keeping cars off of your lawn, grass and soil in the first place.

There are several different ways to keep cars away from your lawn. A good boulder made of rocks or fiberglass is the most effective barrier for protecting your lawn:

Here are 8 great boulders to stop cars:

  • Pole Markers
  • Parking Post
  • Parking Cones
  • Safety Nets
  • Safety Fences
  • Caltrops
  • Spikes Strips
  • Hedge Walls

Let’s go over why you might need a lawn barrier, the best boulders and barricades on the market, and how you can use them.

Why You Need a Lawn Barrier

Say your house is near a “dead man’s curve,” a curve in the road where a car that can’t handle corners gets into an accident. The distance between driveways and the road isn’t much help.

Cars will do more than touch grass. If a car loses control, you will have knocked over items and even crashes on your lawn, house, yard and other damage visible on your property.

Barriers like boulders serve as early warning devices or stoppers to prevent cars from touching your home.

It is best to discuss steps to move your home from the corner edge of danger with your local government.

Best Barriers for Your Lawn

A good solution to your roadside problems is finding a barricade to defend your property against rogue vehicles. They can be hard, soft, spikey, walls, warnings, etc.

Here are some of the best barriers to protecting your lawn and yard.

Driveway Guard Boulders – Rocks and Fiberglass

The most effective way of keeping any car off your lawn area and driveway is to mount large boulders on your lawn. These rocks act as a decoration and a defensive measure.

A good boulder should protect your lawn from any would-be motorized invader, though they could shock your neighbors when a random car appears on top of these rocks on your ground.

Despite being made of lightweight fiberglass, these rocks are reliable, durable, aesthetically pleasing, and can add richness to your lawn while keeping vehicles away… or else.

Here are the best rocks on the market:

EMSCO Group Landscape Rock – Natural Sandstone Appearance

  • Natural Texture and Appearance
  • Withstands Extreme Weather Conditions

Crystalclear Truerock Fake Fiberglass Rock

  • Realistic Sandstone Fake Boulder Cover Rock
  • Add Beauty & Hide Pond Equipment
  • Blends in landscape and provides protection

Driveway Pole Markers

Pole markers are a great early-warning device to tell drivers to steer clear of your property. They’re excellent in the wintertime because of their high visibility, even with snow outside.

They also work well the rest of the year for outlining your lawn. While they don’t penalize bad drivers the way a boulder does, they give them a heads-up.

These markers are easy to install on your driveway. Any vehicle attempting to park on your lawn will be wary of crossing your border.

Sunnyglade 100PCS 48 Inch Driveway Marker

  • Highly reflective, durable fiberglass poles are visible at night and in any weather.
  • Property markers, keep vehicles off your grass and your property.

Parking Posts – Parking Space Marker

Parking posts are a staple of roads and highways, preventing a driver hitting the roadblocks. They look more out of place in front of your space, but they’re a great temporary fix.

Motorists are already conditioned not to go near these posts. The posts will keep them on the street of the concrete and off of your lawn.

VEVOR Traffic Delineator Posts

  • Impact Proof Material, Orange, Height: 44”/110 cm. Base: 16″ x 16″/42 x 42 cm.
  • 10 Inch Reflective Band: Designed with a 10-inch reflective band

These soft posts should do the job, but if you need something more permanent and stable, there are also metal versions that permanently go on your concrete. They’re the last resort.

BISupply Parking Bollard – Parking Post

  • Protect public spaces, utility, building entrances from damage caused by vehicle collisions
  • Constructed of steel, built for maximum strength and durability

If you’re less likely to use a post but still want one, just in case, foldaway parking posts are a good compromise. They fold when bumped into, protecting the offending cars, but warn them to steer clear of your lawn.

Vechkom Folding Parking Post

  • It can be applied to the driveway, garage, parking lot, and front yard.
  • Strong spring design is anti-collision and durable

Parking Cones

The ever-reliable road tool is a great and almost-universal tool don’t just work in traffic. They work like parking posts to tell people to “stay away from my yard.”

They’re easy to move around and tell every driver to park their vehicles away from your area. While they don’t prevent cars from parking if they want to, they serve as a strong warning.

Parking cones are easy to set up and maneuver. They’re also easy to store.

18″ Traffic Cones PVC Safety Road Parking Cones

  • Package includes: 10 x 18″ Traffic Cones
  • Material: PVC Reflective Tapes With Bright strips

Driveways Guards Safety Netting

A driveway net is a new way to keep cars and trucks off your lawn and away from your yard. Stake it to the ground, and you have a net to wall off your driveway.

This item is good because it’s retractable, easy to install and store, and primarily designed to keep kids, pets and toys in your yard. However, it’s also good for keeping the cars out.

If you need to block off your garden, you can use several nets to form a soft fence.

Kidkusion Retractable Driveway Guard

  • Weather-proof outdoor retractable net made in the USA
  • Includes two mounting sleeves and galvanized steel poles

Safety Fence

A good fence can boost your curb appeal. This isn’t the case with these softer fences. While it’s a more flimsy barrier and bulky as a warning system, it allows you to easily wall off your lawn.

These safety fences are a good way of marking your territory. People know where your territory starts and ends. You can keep your cars away from your lawn with ground stakes.

Tenax Guardian Economy Safety Fence, Orange

  • Use as a visual blockade or fence.
  • 5 plus years of Use


If you ever wanted to feel like an action movie villain during a high-speed vehicle chase, now you can. Caltrops are weapons with spikes made to deflate tires and stop them dead in their tracks.

These are detrimental to every car that crosses your path, and the driver may not appreciate losing all their tires in one go. While it’s an option, it isn’t good for your home.

If a driver ends up at the wrong place at the wrong time, they could catch a caltrop of yours. Don’t be that homeowner. Don’t use caltrops as a barricade.

Spike Strips

Spike strips are also used in police chases for cars beyond the speed limit. As for using them to keep cars away from your house.

Motorists will be wary of cars going off the street and onto your lawn with these spikes. They come with a very sharp point designed to keep animals away from your things. Why not cars?

Critter Pricker Raccoon Deterrent Proven Humane Dog Cat Garden

  • Strong polypropylene, very sharp spikes.
  • Perfect for pools, steps, walls, fences, trash cans, roofs

Hedge Wall – Property Line Defender

This option will make you the talk of the neighborhood. It’s more effective at keeping vehicles away from your lawn than a fence. While a hedge wall is much pricier, it’s a defense that will get the job done.

It’s aesthetically pleasing with a natural look, ensuring your neighbors enjoy getting an eyeful of your wall, and that would be parkers know to avoid it.

With proper care and maintenance, your hedge wall should last a good amount of time and is an outstanding way of marking your territory.

AGPL Upgraded Artificial Boxwood Hedge Wall

  • Dark Green, Thickened Stainless Steel Planter
  • Dimensions 48″ Width x 48″ Height x 12″


Whatever barricades can keep cars on edge, whatever prevents a hit on your lawns, those are your barriers. They should protect your lawn and your home.

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