Best Oscillating Sprinklers: Our Top 8 Picks

Joseph Gilpin
By Joseph Gilpin • Last Updated: July 11, 2022
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Best Oscillating Sprinklers

The oscillating sprinkler can evenly water your grass or yard while offering excellent coverage.

So after an intensive cleaning of your turf using a lawn mower, a little watering is needed!

When looking for one, the best oscillating sprinkler must have the most coverage, be automated, and use the least amount of water. We’ve gathered 8 products for you to choose from, namely:

  1. Green Thumb Heavy-Duty Metal Oscillating Sprinkler
  2. Melnor XT Turbo Sprinkler
  3. Aqua Joe Metal Base Oscillating Sprinkler
  4. Kärcher Premium Oscillating Sprinkler
  5. Gardena’s Oscillating Sprinkler
  6. Melnor 65055 – AMZ XT Metal Sprinkler
  7. Melnor 65048 – AMZ Oscillating Sprinkler
  8. Maxflo Oscillating Rotary Sprinkler

8 Best Oscillating Sprinklers to Choose From

The sprinklers we’ve tried and suggested have outstanding functionality for practically every purpose you’ll have!

1. Green Thumb Heavy-Duty Metal Oscillating Sprinkler – Best Overall

Pressure control is not included in the top-rated oscillating sprinklers on sale!

This function is included in the Green Thumb 4200MGT Oscillating Sprinkler, making it simple to modify the irrigation area.

We discovered that adjusting the pressure may modify the form of the water flowing out of the nozzles when we used it.

For instance, with high pressure and low width settings, you may create a rectangle irrigation form.

You wouldn’t want the water to surge up so high in your grass since it will waste a lot of water and water places you would not want to irrigate!


  • 3900 sq ft. of large coverage area
  • It will not clog at all
  • Good flow control for pressure regulation
  • Narrow, roll or half superior range control options
  • A very useful shutoff knob


  • The water sprinkling shouldn’t be too high.

2. Melnor XT Turbo Sprinkler – Best Value

You can regulate your sprinkling area in three dimensions with the Melnor XT Turbo Sprinkler: length, width, and flow.

It’s almost as though you’re swooping in!

With water pouring out of 20 precise nozzles, the highest coverage area is 4,500 square feet, which is big enough for any decent even watering.

With a sprinkler, that’s a huge area to cover! The dual turbo motor is engineered to water any grass evenly without creating water puddles.

This model fits perfectly with almost any garden hose and is easy to use; plus, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

However, we immediately discovered that the identical sprinkler comes in four distinct models:

  • 3-Way Adjustable Metal
  • 2-Way Adjustable Sprinkler
  • 3-Way Adjustable Sprinkler with Range Control
  • 2-Way Adjustable Sprinkler with a Timer


  • Clog-resistant design
  • Smooth operation and paddle-free watering pattern
  • Large lawn sprinkler coverage area
  • Infinity turbo drive for smooth watering patterns
  • Adjusts in narrow and wide lawns
  • Even watering system
  • TwinTouch width and knob


  • The plastic-like substance from the Melnor XT Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler
  • A stainless steel structure would have been ideal for a high-performing sprinkler.

3. Aqua Joe Metal Base Oscillating Sprinkler – Best Budget Pick

A plastic base is included with the Aqua Joe Sprinkler.

If you have issues with an easily clogging sprinkler, this one has a built-in cleaning tool that is PERFECT!

It’s not as broad as we’d like, and if you switch on the water too quickly, you might expect some small flipping or movement.

On the other hand, the plastic crossbar provides excellent watering of your grass and flowerbeds, with 16 spray nozzles angled at various angles for the best coverage.


  • 3,600 square feet of water flow control
  • 16 clog proof nozzle cleaning tool
  • Leak-resistant connection
  • The spray pattern can be customized
  • Big, stable metal base
  • Turbo drive motor
  • Clean out tool for obstructions


  • No timer, so it’s not automated.

4. Kärcher Premium Oscillating Sprinkler – OS 5320SV

This sprinkler is ideal for precisely watering moderate lawns and gardens.

Karcher also provides excellent coverage of up to 3200 sq m avoiding the creation of puddles on your lawn.

Although it is entirely made of plastic, the material is DURABLE and provides excellent watering efficacy!

The Karcher oscillating bar sprinkler’s design is excellent straight out of the box.

And because of the simple sliding controls, it’s shockingly easier to install than most of the oscillating sprinklers on the market!


  • Contains slider controls for easy watering patterns in any direction
  • Plastic design is durable and will not likely rust
  • Efficient for low-water pressure
  • Built-in filter
  • Splash guard for convenient alignment


  • No known drawbacks so far.

5. Gardena Oscillating Sprinkler – 1975 Aquazoom

One aspect of this model that appeals to us is that this sprinkler covers a decent lawn area.

Both the length and the breadth may be adjusted individually. This is a fantastic feature because not all yards are the same size!

The Gardena 1975 Aquazoom 3900 Oscillating lawn sprinkler appears to endure a long time and perform effectively for some customers.

Others, though, are not so fortunate.

Because the material is plastic, you must handle it cautiously to avoid breaking it. We simply wanted to verify how solid the unit was, so we placed it on a concrete driveway.

Plastic may be a worry for some individuals, but it is not a deal-breaker, specifically if children will not misuse it.


  • 3,767.4 sq ft of large coverage area
  • Separate adjustments in length and width
  • Provided nationwide repair for 12 months
  • Puddle free watering patterns on the lawn
  • It can be mounted on a tripod to water even tall plants.


  • Not so durable as it can easily break if not handled gently due to its plastic material

6. Melnor 65055 – AMZ XT Metal Oscillating Sprinkler

The 65055 type, like practically other Melnor oscillating sprinklers, excels in terms of coverage and adaptability, making this one of the best gardening tools to have!

The brand goes to great lengths to make setting the width and length for even watering of lawns of various sizes as simple as possible.

This unit’s accuracy was particularly appealing to us! It directs water to the EXACT location you choose, ensuring that no water is wasted!

Even when irrigating a large area, the mist-like quality is excellent. This means there will be no puddles in your grass or yard.


  • Large volume tube for better pressure
  • 3-way adjustable coverage area
  • Due to its turbo drive mechanism, this motor has a long lifespan.
  • Built-in flow control knob
  • Clog resistant model
  • 4,500 square feet large lawns coverage area


  • The watering speed is an issue.
  • The depth of the watering patterns won’t be achieved that easily.

7. Melnor 65048 – AMZ Oscillating Sprinkler

The Melnor 65048-AMZ Sprinkler is a typical sprinkler with a superb drip irrigation system.

While there isn’t an option to change the water pattern, you may certainly change the maximum coverage area.

This model gives the most basic options for spraying small rectangular areas.

However, we’re afraid it won’t be ideal for recently sodded or seeded areas due to a poor dependability index.

If you use it on a well-established turf, it will provide excellent service!

For example, this would be among the best oscillating sprinkler models on a thick Bermuda grass lawn that requires a lot of water.


  • 18 sprinkler nozzles were built for even water flow
  • 7 years warranty
  • 3400 square feet maximum coverage
  • Built-in rain gauge


  • The water spray pattern cannot be adjusted
  • Not good for newly-sodded or seeded areas

8. Maxflo Oscillating Rotating Sprinkler

Lawn owners are looking for the cheapest option that still has the best oscillating sprinkler features.

MaxFlo has a three-way water flow design, angled in many directions.

This type features a flow-through design that allows many sprinklers to be connected in series. The MaxFlo sprinkler also has a durable base with handle cut-outs for portability.


  • 360-degree automatic rotary sprinkler head
  • 3,600 square feet irrigation area with 3 rotating arms
  • Adjustable sprinkler head


  • Limited to small lawns

How to Spot the Best Oscillating Sprinkler for You

While evaluating the top-rated oscillating lawn sprinklers on the market today, there aren’t many characteristics to consider.

Water Pressure

Some of the best oscillating sprinklers function admirably if the water pressure is strong!

Always think about whether the item you’re buying will perform effectively with the water pressure you have from your supply.

If your water source is less than 100 psi, choose a sprinkler for low water pressure while buying.

Water pressure determines the range and pattern of some sprinklers. There are usually few settings on these sprinklers.

As a result, make sure the sprinkler you’re considering will perform well with the water pressure range in your yard.


The majority of the highest quality oscillating lawn sprinklers are made of plastic. Even those with metal bases appear to get a plastic-like substance integrated into them.

When not treated with care, this type of material reduces the durability or longevity of oscillating sprinklers.

Most consumers do not like the build, which is not a deal-breaker for us, considering the inexpensive price of these sprinklers.

The sprinkler with a metal or aluminum metal base is still available.

Indeed the plastic ones endure a long time if used gently, as indicated by the guarantee with these sprinklers.

A Melnor sprinkler, for example, comes with a 7-year warranty, whereas others come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

Coverage Area

The majority of good oscillating sprinklers should have a big coverage area. The best oscillating sprinkler so far covers up to 4000 square feet.

Pick a good sprinkler that can sufficiently water your yard without moving it around.

Although coverage is vital, keep in mind that as you go broader and further, the efficiency of the watering may suffer.

We might suggest measuring your lawn or garden first and selecting a sprinkler that can cover more than your area in one sweep, especially medium-sized lawns.

It allows you to utilize a lower setting for length, breadth, and span for a higher-quality job.

Controls and Settings

Carefully tuning characteristics such as length, breadth, pattern, and flow. Such controls should be included in a decent oscillating sprinkler.

Some may not have a precise flow control dial and settings yet still operates perfectly, but having them would be a bonus for a wonderful result.

What Other Buyers Say

Although with our stringent testing procedures, some qualities, such as durability, might be difficult to evaluate.

Only persons who have used these sprinklers every week for a few months or years can give you an honest review.

My advice is to study user reviews from people who have purchased and utilized the sprinklers to determine whether they meet your requirements.

Oscillating Sprinkler Benefits

Best Oscillating Sprinkler Benefits

Investing in an oscillating sprinkler for your garden is an excellent method to reduce your gardening responsibilities this summer.

The following are the main reasons to buy an oscillating sprinkler for your garden’s irrigation needs.

Make Time

How many hours per week do you spend watering your lawn?

Sure, watering your grass and flowerbeds while standing in the yard is nice.

However, life sometimes gets in the way, and we have to pick between more vital chores and watering the grass.

An oscillating sprinkler provides the watering for you, and if you connect it to a sprinkler system, your lawn and flowerbeds will be watered autonomously.


Light and small oscillating sprinklers may be moved over the lawn or flowerbeds for efficient watering.

Superior Range Width Control

A large sprinkler range is provided by an oscillating sprinkler, allowing you to shower the whole grass.

Best for Lawns

The movable sprinkler heads or crossbars allow you to easily customize watering ranges for your flowerbeds or grass, preventing overwatering.

Cost-Efficient Than Underground Ones

Based on your garden’s watering needs, underground sprinkler systems might cost upwards of $4,000.

Watering your yard with an oscillating sprinkler system is a cost-effective choice.

This summer, attach the sprinklers to your controller design for completely self-watering your grass and plant gardens.

Top Picks

These are our chosen picks for the best three oscillating sprinklers.

Best Overall

Green Thumb Heavy-Duty Metal Sprinkler

Out of all the oscillating sprinkler reviews we’ve looked into, this model suits the category for best overall!

The issue of its watering height isn’t really a deterring factor to the sprinkler’s efficiency. Plus, it’s one of the metal sprinklers that is durable!

🔥 Best Value

Maxflo Oscillating Rotary Sprinkler

Affordable and functional, the MaxFlo rotary sprinkler still performs excellently!

MaxFlo Oscillating Rotary Sprinkler comes with three-way spraying arms, which you can customize the watering patterns and angles of the nozzles.

Best Budget Pick

Aqua Joe Metal Base Oscillating Sprinkler

This is my top pick for lawn owners on a tight budget.

With its customizable coverage patterns and a superior wide range of about 4,500 sq. ft., you can get the best budget out of this powerful turbo oscillating sprinkler.

Final Thoughts

This summer, the correct osculating sprinkler will decrease your watering tasks around the yard, encouraging more water conservation.

You can give your landscape all the water it needs rather than waking up to parched, half-dead flower beds and brown grass.

Sprinkler manufacturers have made durable multiple sprinklers with an extended life and can cover almost any lawn size.

So choose the one that fits your needs well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions frequently asked by potential oscillating sprinkler users.

How Does Oscillating Sprinklers Work?

The platform, crossbar, and driving motor are the three components of an oscillating sprinkler.

Fast systems are used to link the sprinkler, making installation simple.

The water pressure triggers the gear drive or engine in the sprinkler when you turn on the faucet and push water through the hose.

The driving motor propels the crossbar back and forth, watering your plants.

Most oscillating sprinklers’ watering area, breadth, and length are all changeable. It will operate perfectly as long as there is water pressure in the sprinkler.

What Happens if the Oscillating Sprinkler Is Broken?

If the sprinkler doesn’t begin oscillating when you turn on the faucet, your water pressure is probably too low.

Poor water pressure also hinders the unit from oscillating effectively, reducing sprinkler intensity.

How Long Does the Lawn Sprinkler Water the Grass?

A trial on your lawn is the best way to determine your sprinkler’s efficiency. Install the sprinkler and turn it on.

Place a plastic container in the watering path of the sprinklers and see how long it takes for it to fill to an inch depth.

It usually takes roughly thirty minutes in most circumstances. Try some rotary sprinklers every hour to avoid flood damage to your garden and grass.

How Much Time Should an Oscillating Sprinkler Work?

Let it run for an hour before moving your oscillating sprinkler to a new spot in your yard.

Remember to turn it off after you’re finished!

If you’re heading back inside, set the alarm on your phone, or you could forget about it and wake up to a flooded lawn the next day.

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