How To Fix when White Smoke comes out of your Lawn Mower

Joseph Gilpin
By Joseph Gilpin • Last Updated: June 16, 2022
How To Fix when White Smoke comes out of your Lawn Mower

When using your lawn mower, do you notice it blowing smoke? Is white smoke or other colors like black smoke coming out?

The most common reason white smoke comes out of your lawn mower may either be from a faulty carburetor, a damaged gasket, or excess oil, among many others. Your old mower might need to GET FIXED with the help of a professional service provider.

The lawn mower smoke dissipates differently, so it’s BETTER to be informed beforehand what might have caused it.

Quick Tips for a Clean Troubleshooting Process

Here are some tips and tricks for you to clearly understand how to fix your lawn mower if it’s smoking!

  1. Ensure the air filters are CLEAN and have them replaced if they are dirty.
  2. You must also check the oil level, and only the APPROPRIATE GRADE should be used.
  3. Try to power up the mower and keep the engine running for 5-10 minutes so that the excess burning oil in the combustion chamber will be gone.
  4. I hook the handlebars under a bench. Turing your mower to the side is fine if you turn it with the air filter facing UPWARDS.
  5. If you plan to turn your mower sideways, it’s fine as long as the
  6. MOST IMPORTANTLY, smoke could arise from a mower used at a certain angle for long periods. Secure the oil caps tightly to prevent leakage.

This is only a set of GENERAL tips for your lawn mowers. You may check further common issues that surround lawn mower smokes.

And if your old lawn mower is BEYOND SAVING, a new one might be necessary.

Three Colors of Lawn Mower Smoke

  • Black Smoke
  • Blue Smoke
  • White Smoke

WHITE SMOKE from a tractor mower indicates too much oil, a carburetor problem, or a burst head gasket.

Let’s go over the following REASONS these colored lawn mower smokes appear and POSSIBLE ways to remedy those problems.

black smoke from a lawn mower

What Happens When a Lawn Mower Produces Black Smoke?

The broken carburetor and fuel systems are COMMON SYMPTOMS of the engine’s black smoke.

They function as a MODERATOR for the flow between the air and oil as too much fuel burn will suck oil a lot and jeopardize the engine.

HOWEVER, if there isn’t enough air mixture going through the carburetor, there will be oversaturation in the mix, and the oil ratio will increase.

A worn-out air filter that’s also dirty may also be why black smoke comes out of your lawn mower.

If still in GOOD CONDITION, you may clean the air filter using soap and water. Or have a technician replace the part if it’s broken.

Here’s a Suggestion:

INSPECT the air filters for any clogging caused by piled-up dust or debris that blocked the airflow to the carburetor.

Although air filters may differ with each brand, look up the OWNER’S MANUAL for instructions. Taking out the air filter and thoroughly cleaning it is still the way.

After cleaning the filter, TRY starts the engine again and runs it for a few minutes to ensure that the problem has been SETTLED.

Having a PROFESSIONAL look into the matter is still preferable, especially if the warranty on your lawn mower is still VALID.

They have the SPECIAL TOOLS and EXPERTISE needed, so you can avoid getting a new mower for a while.

white smoke from a lawn mower

What Is Happening When the Lawn Mower Is Blowing White Smoke?

Your lawn mower will blow WHITE SMOKE if you have an overfilled oil tank. This is similar to the lawn mower producing blue smoke.

Causes may vary, and the smoke CLEARS on its own eventually, but an overfilled oil reservoir may cause OIL BURNS from the engine, so make sure there are no other alarming signs.

OTHER SIGNS you should observe if there’s white smoke blowing is a faulty head gasket, rising oil level beyond the regular amount.

HOWEVER, the white smoke leak in the air can be attributed to many reasons, particularly the following:

1- A Damaged Head Gasket

The HEAD GASKET serves as the cap that seals off the engine so that it will protect this part from the other components.

It’s also located between the cylinder head and block of the engine, which SEALS the combustion chamber.

If there’s a blown head gasket, the engine will suffer PERMANENT damage. A new head gasket should be in place.

2 – A Carburetor Seal Not Working

DIRT AND GRIME clogging the carburetor will result in your mower engine failing, and once it starts, there will be a smell of gas. There should be no more oil necessary as well.

ON ANOTHER NOTE, the carburetor should be cleaned and placed back in the engine. If it’s broken beyond repair, have it replaced immediately.

3 – Faulty Piston Rings

PISTON RINGS that malfunction is a common reason why there’s a smoking lawn mower.

Oil will LEAK past the piston rings and into the COMBUSTION CHAMBER where the Overhead Valve or OHV engines are if it wears out.

When this happens, the engine will emit blowing white smoke. Air leak in the crankcase and a cylinder/piston ring that isn’t working are other causes.

WHITE SMOKE can also appear from the piston ring if your lawn mower is short on gasoline, needs a filter change, or has cylinder block problems.

lue Smoke Out of the Lawn Mower

Why Is There Blue Smoke Out of the Lawn Mower?

If the engine produces blue smoke, another COMMON reason might be that the crankcase was too full or excess engine oil spilled on the other parts.

A gas tank with TOO MUCH OIL may be determined using a dipstick. Do fill up only the right amount of oil up to the fill line.

The WRONG oil grade may also be why the lawn mower is blowing blue smoke. ALWAYS match the engine oil according to the lawn mower machine.

EXCESSIVELY TILTING the lawn mower on a ditch or hill can also factor in. If angled mowing is required, keep the spark plug slanted.

Last Thoughts

Moving forward, you need to make it a point that nothing goes wrong with them and always WATCH THE OIL LEVEL of your lawn mower’s engine.

EXCESS FUEL burn can also be damaging and might damage the mower, so even if the engine oil requires frequent changing, too much fuel is a nono.

You may let the mower run for a few minutes after starting it to EXAMINE any 0ther faults that might surface. It would be good if there weren’t any.

There should never be any engine OIL LEAKS that will lead up to the cylinder. If you notice that the cylinder has worn out, let a professional look at it.

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