When to Apply Prodiamine? [Tips on the Best Application]

Joseph Gilpin
By Joseph Gilpin • Last Updated: June 28, 2022
When to Apply Prodiamine

Homeowners typically celebrate when they think that the toxic weeds growing on their lawn have disappeared.

The thing is, you shouldn’t rejoice just yet.

Certain weeds, such as crabgrass, bermuda, centipede, etc. generate up to 150,000 seeds, which remain dormant until the next spring, ready to germinate and resume the cycle.

With numerous grass and other weed seeds slowly growing on your lawn, it is the top priority to stop them from thriving on every acre.

Keeping seeds from reproducing is essential for effective weed management, which can only be accomplished with a good pre-emergent like Prodiamine 65 WDG.

However, using this product might be a little more difficult since applying it at the wrong moment or in inappropriate amounts can bring more damage.

So When Should Prodiamine Be Applied?

The best time to use Prodiamine 65 WDG is in the early spring or late winter to get the greatest effects. Not only does it prevent the thriving of grass-like tall fescue, but it also inhibits the sprouting of the roots!

It’s better to apply this pre-emergent when the weather isn’t too hot or dry but early enough that the weeds are actively developing in the growing season.

Prodiamine 65 WDG should be applied when the weeds are small and growing and not in the summer after their outer layer has thickened and matured.

Smaller weeds are much easier to manage than bigger ones. Consider crabgrass, a weed with a deeper root system and strong photosynthetic potential due to its dense leaf.

The sooner you use the Prodiamine WDG, the better the weed spread control, especially in a 1,000 sq ft lawn size while using a Toro Timemaster lawn mower.

Overall, when the weather in most parts of the nation is hot and dry in late July and August.

When to Not Apply Prodiamine 65 DWG?

Summer is the worst time to use it since the weeds already have achieved their maximum growth rate and will not take Prodiamine 65 WDG and end up dying.

This matter has already been mentioned that preventing weeds from growing early on the ground is part of what Prodiamine WDG does.

Its mixed formula creates a transition zone on the top part, around one or two inches in a 1,000 sq ft yard. This way, weed grass won’t propagate in every acre.

This product must be used early, even in split applications, to ensure that weed seeds die as quickly as possible once it’s in touch with the barrier.

Prodiamine WDG is only efficient if sprayed before the weeds sprout, and using it in the summer is completely ineffective for the following reasons:

Targeted weeds grow more slowly in extremely hot and humid soil temps since the grass is stressed.

Weeds that aren’t growing as aggressively won’t take enough herbicide, making control difficult at this point. Furthermore, stressed grass may result in nagging injuries.

Common Mistakes When Applying Prodiamine

What Are the Common Mistakes When Applying Prodiamine?

Let’s look into the frequently committed mistakes of lawn owners when applying this herbicide and what you can do to avoid them.

  • The first and most common error lawn owners make with Prodiamine 65 WDG treatments is bypassing the barrier following an application by aerating the soil. When you aerate the ground after using Prodiamine, you effectively rupture it and allow weeds to sprout through the aerated pores.
  • Another typical blunder is to saturate the lawns with Prodiamine WDG for it to work. You don’t have to apply Prodiamine WDG over the whole yard. However, it would be best to search for a problematic location and do a selective treatment.
  • To form the location that inhibits weed growth, water the area after spraying this herbicide. Start watering at least one week before the second germination date for best results.
  • Know that more isn’t always ideal, so stick to the recommended dosages of this pre-emergent product. Excessive use may not hurt your lawn, but it will greatly limit its efficiency.
  • You may give it to your grass by mixing it with liquid fertilizer. When using dry fertilizer, though, wait for a couple of weeks before applying again.
  • Prodiamine can be applied to slightly damp grass, but if the soil is excessively wet, the pre-emergent will not penetrate sufficiently and thus will be useless. Spray some Prodiamine 65 WDG before the rain will or at least 24 hours up to 48 hours after the rain stops.

What to Know About Prodiamine 65 WDG

Prodiamine 65 WDG is a pre-emergent herbicide made by Quali Pro, a leading brand for creating innovative solutions for killing various weeds.

This product is a specialized formula that may be blended in various levels based on your grass type, technique, and how long you want the treatment to continue.

These bottles were made particularly for DIY lawn owners with only one lawn size to maintain. What’s more, is that it contains a non-staining formula.

Prodiamine pre-emergent herbicide is effective against the following grass types:

  • Crabgrass
  • Annual Bluegrass or Poa Annua
  • Witchgrass
  • Bermuda
  • Spurge
  • Knotweed
  • Henbit
  • Chickweed
  • Foxtail
  • Goosegrass

Since this product has 65 percent of the active substance Prodiamine, while the latter has 40.8 percent, Prodiamine WDG should not be mistaken for Prodiamine 4L.

Just like birth control, its formula works on getting rid of weeds. It hinders the growth of plant cells which are needed for chromosome division.

As much as Prodiamine WDG is an effective pre-emergent herbicide, its effectiveness may not be at a hundred percent.

Ways of Mixing and Applying Prodiamine WDG

Prodiamine 65 WDG can be mixed in different concentrations, depending on the type of lawn, the application method and the desired pre-emergence duration.

We’ll also learn about several different concentrations of Prodiamine per grass type and the adequate soil temps to help you get the right formula.

You may look at the application rate listed below that is based on two months’ control, also known as “split applications.”

Taking the Soil’s Temperature

Before you start the split app, you must check the soil temperatures first, whether you’re in the middle of sowing seeds or removing all the weeds.

Several mistakes lawn owners make are that they don’t pay attention to any seasonal soil temperature, which isn’t right after they apply Prodiamine 65 WDG.

Soil temperature milestones can go a long way if you use a soil thermometer rather than spending on expensive equipment solely for taking soil temps.

Apply Prodiamine on Warm-Season Grasses

Apply this herbicide at the desirable dosage of 183oz/5.2g per 1,000 sq ft. In the early spring, the soil temps are nearing 55°F.

You should make the next application in mid-spring before summer or fall, whenever the soil temperature is above 65 °F and approaching 70 °F.

Prodiamine WDG mix, which is at 0.183oz/5.2g per 1,000 sq ft, should be used during this period.

Crabgrass propagation is optimum in the 70-degree soil temps, so double up on the applied quantity at this temperature.

This time, go big with a mix of 0.46oz/13g per 1,000 sq ft.

Prodiamine WDG’s sufficient mix amount per year is 0.83oz/23/5g per 1,000 sq ft. You can apply this to ANY grass type.

These are some of the examples of warm-season grasses where Prodiamine application is possible:

  • Tall fescue
  • Bermuda
  • St. Augustine
  • Centipede
  • Zoysia
  • Bahia grasses

This herbicide can be used with 1 liter of water or liquid fertilizer as a container for the pre-emergent. After 24 hours, add 12″ of water.

Apply Prodiamine on Cool-Season Grasses

When it comes to cool-season grasses like Kentucky Bluegrass and Ryegrass, a mix rate of 0.183oz/5.2g per 1,000 sq ft. should be applied.

The BEST TIME would usually be during early spring, mid-spring and fall. This is when the soil temps have already been ensured, regardless of lawn size.

Kentucky Bluegrass and Ryegrass have a lesser dosage of 0.55oz/15.6g per 1,000 sq ft because they have a shorter growth period than warm-season grasses.

Where to Apply the Prodiamine 65 WDG

You can choose to apply pre-emergent on an established lawn, except for golf courses. You can also put them on sod nurseries, landscape and container ornamentals.

You can even apply Prodiamine 65 WDG on Christmas tree farms, established perennials and wildflower fields.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the inquiries that lawn owners may have regarding Prodiamine 65 WDG.

What’s a Pre-emergent Herbicide?

The pre-emergent formula is a chemical lawn treatment applied when weeds develop in your lawn or garden.

Pre-emergents comprise a combination of chemicals that act together to produce a vapor barrier that kills weeds before they grow.

Pre-emergents for home usage are frequently granulated and combined with fertilizer.

Regarding pre-emergents, timing is crucial for efficient weed management before they sprout.

What Happens If You Apply Too Much Prodiamine?

The side effect of applying too much is the drastically reduced efficacy of this herbicide.

Microorganisms that split up the plant in groves increase in large quantities with the application of Prodiamine on every acre.

What Month Should Prodiamine Be Applied?

You may put some of the herbicide during the first few days of fall to prevent annual bluegrass.

Then, apply this herbicide in late Feb to hinder the growth of any other grass type before and during fall, especially tall fescue, Bahia grasses, St. Augustine, Bermuda, etc.

At What Temperature Should You Use Prodiamine?

Prodiamine 65 is available for use on the soil at temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit and during freezing in the fall, aside from early spring.

It will control crabgrass, tall fescue, zoysia and St. Augustine in the late spring as well.

In a certain 1,000 sq ft location, this may be possible if the ground remains frozen after winter.

Final Thoughts

Prodiamine 65 DWG is a formula that will deliver impressive results if you learn to search for the perfect timing in applying this herbicide on your lawn.

I hope this has helped you in your search on when to apply Prodiamine properly on your lawn to get rid of undesirable weeds growing everywhere.

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