Droplet Robotics was started in the Summer of 2013, when Steve needed an efficient way to water his trees. After validating the concept with a prototype constructed from old R/C Airplane parts, we built what is now the Droplet Sprinkler.

Our mission is to build smart products which help save water in your day-to-day life. By leveraging enormous datasets on Droplet servers, precision engineering in our devices, and a practical approach to solving problems, Droplet Robotics will make an impact in the water usage of homeowners.

Meet Our Team

Steve Fernholz Founder, Chief Executive Officer

A former developer at Microsoft, Steve helped build Office, Bing & Windows 8 before leaving to start Droplet Robotics.

In the rare times Steve's not working, you can find him volunteering as a shark-feeding-diver at the Aquarium of the Bay in San Francisco, CA.

Dave Fernholz Product Development

Dave, an MIT Media Lab alumni, was a senior dev lead on Oracle's Public Cloud before joining Steve at Droplet.

Outside of Droplet, Dave's been known to unwind on a grass-covered hill doing wheelies with his dirt bike, or on a calm lake with a wakeboard.

Mike McLean Sales

Mike brings a wealth of sales knowledge, passion and experience to the Droplet Robotics team.

Not finding waterskiing to be challenging enough, Mike usually does his waterskiing barefoot.

Sheng Lu Software Engineer

Sheng's skillset is not limited by just his steller coding: Sheng's passion for photography created all the beautiful photos of Droplet.

If you're in the bay area and look up into the sky at a small plane, that may just be Sheng on his way to getting his Pilot's License.

Jon Marple General Council

Jon is a titan in the legal industry. As both a serial entrapreneur and an ex-litigator at the Supreme court of the United States, Jon knows his way around corporate law.

Jon, a mountain climber, has summited the Three Sisters, Mt. Rainier as well as several other formidable peaks.

You! Awesome Person

We're looking for top talent to help Droplet grow into an even better company! Supply Chain, Software, Hardware and BizDev positions are open. Send your resume to info@smartdroplet.com