Top 10 Wastes of Water in Your Home

Thoughtless consumption and sneaky squander are huge contributors to the amount of water we waste. Here are some ways we use way too much water at home: Low Flow Toilet

Flushing Toilets: A standard toilet uses 3.5-7 gallons per flush, and the average American flushes the toilet 5 times per day. Modern low-flow toilets use just 1.28 gallons or less, or 25-50% less water per flush.

Leaky Pipes/Faucets: A small leak can waste 20 gallons of water per day, and large leaks can waste hundreds. A sink dripping 1 drop per second means more than 3,000 gallons wasted per year. A leaky toilet can waste as much as 1,400 gallons every day!

Watering Lawn/Plants: Depending on the system, lawn sprinklers can consume upwards of 250 gallons per hour per “zone,” with most homes having several lawn zones. Many sprinkler systems also run too often and water excessively to unnecessary areas (like the sidewalk). Water-efficient Modern Dishwasherirrigation systems like Droplet can save up to 90% of outdoor water consumption.

Doing Dishes: An average hand-washing session with the water running can use more than 40 gallons of water. Hand-washing while turning water on and off uses around 20 gallons. Modern dishwashers usually require just 10 gallons or less for a full load of dishes. Also, running the garbage disposal requires a lot of water, and the solids that build up in the septic tank can lead to leaks.

Lengthy Showers: The average shower (around 8 minutes) with an old showerhead uses around 45 gallons of water. A water-efficient showerhead can save around 24 gallons per shower, or 750 gallons per month. Cutting down shower time by just a few (3-5) minutes can save at least 10 gallons each time!

Washing the Car: Washing your car at home using an average hose can use 80-140 gallons of water. Washing at a garage uses around 30-45 gallons, plus they usually recycle water!down the drain

Brushing Teeth/Shaving: Leaving the water running while you brush or shave wastes tons of water. To avoid the waste, turn the faucet off between rinses, or brush your teeth first while waiting for water to get hot, then shave after filling the sink basin.

Swimming Pools: Pools naturally lose between 10,000-20,000 gallons per year to evaporation and have a leak rate of around 20-30%. But since most pools have automatic refillers, we don’t even notice!

washing machineDoing Laundry: Running half-loads of laundry can waste 1,000 gallons of water each month. The permanent press cycle uses an added 5 gallons for the extra rinse. To conserve water, wait for full loads, and if your washing machine has the option, match the water level to the wash load.

Outdoor Cleaning: The average hose (ranging from ½”- ¾”) uses between 9-23 gallons of water per minute. Instead of reaching for the hose, use a broom to sweep your driveway/sidewalk clean and save gallons!

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Introducing Droplet: The Next Generation Sprinkler System for the Home


Over the last decade, we’ve seen tremendous innovations in home automation. From smart thermostats to robotic vacuum cleaners and locks you control from your phone, today’s house is becoming increasingly connected. These in-home technologies not only create a more comfortable home, but efficiently operate to reduce energy consumption and consequently your bills. However, reducing cost and resource usage doesn’t have to be limited to inside the home.


Meet Droplet:


Droplet is the world’s first smart sprinkler system that combines the latest technology in robotics, cloud computing and connected services to transform the way sprinkler systems function. Droplet keeps your plants healthy without wasting water by drawing upon a vast system of data to intelligently determine how best to care for your plants. By being smart, precise and frugal, Droplet can lower your sprinkler water consumption by up to 90%; on average Droplet saves $265 a year!


How it works:


With water rates doubling since 2003 in many areas of the US, minimizing water usage has become a primary concern for homeowners. 56% of all home water use goes to outdoor irrigation. Droplet meets the needs of homeowners with true intelligence backing its highly precise movements and aiming.

Droplet’s smart sprinkler system leverages over 10,000 weather stations’ real-time data, millions of square miles of U.S. soil samples and comprehensive biological plant information to make decisions on when, where and how much water to deliver. Seasonal information, plant transpiration rates and evaporation data all feed into Droplet’s cloud intelligence. The state-of-the-art robotic sprinkler understands each plant’s species specific needs, and disperses the proper amount of water at the optimal angle to ensure even and efficient watering. Even at the far end of the 30 foot range, Droplet can still accurately hit the face of a quarter with water!


A water bill partner


More than just a precise & frugal sprinkler, Droplet provides a rich history and analytics suite for your lawn. Users receive reports on their sprinklers and water consumption so they can track their savings in real time: compare the watering cost of your lawn, to the Weeping Willow trees & even tomato plants in your garden. See where the water, and the money, goes each month to make more educated decisions about the next plants you incorporate in your home.

Droplet even goes so far as to work with local municipal water authorities, to honor watering restrictions – synchronizing local watering schedules based on water district, zip codes and even street addresses: Droplet helps avoid fines by working with the existing restrictions in effect in many parts of the United States.


Installation is simple and quick – zero to working in five minutes! Once the sprinkler is hooked up to a garden hose and powered, all the user needs to do is connect via WiFi, input the types of plants in the yard and where they are located so that Droplet knows where to distribute the water. Droplet is easily configured via smartphone, tablet or the Droplet website, giving users complete control of their system wherever they are

Checkout how Droplet works, as demonstrated by the original prototype:


Where to buy:

Droplet is now available for pre-sale on Amazon, and will begin shipping on July 1, 2014.

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